How To Get A Girlfriend With Jules Winnifield

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If you have seen pulp fiction you know who Jules Winnifield is... He is the ultra cool hitman who is not phased by anything. I am NOT suggesting you need to be a hit man to get women!

But if you watch the movie you will see how he acts and how laid back and cool he is. His attraction is magnetic... be like jules


There are alot of free online dating sites out their offering 100% free online dating... But how many people are actually getting girlfriends out of these encounters as a result?

I think most of these sites are filled with lame immature guys that think they have game but have no idea how to treat a women properly.

BUT - What can YOU do to turn a casual date into a girlfriend?

Casual dates and relationships are fun but if you are ready to take this fling into a fulltime relationship there is a few things should be aware of.


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How to get a girlfriend - Female Reaction

Girls respond to neediness from men by running the other way!

Girls respond to indifference, authority and “coolness” by running TO you.

So calling her/texting her/direct messaging he 24/7 in the hope she will be more interested in you is not the best way to get her into a more serious relationship.

By taking a girl out 3-4 times every week it’s unlikely she will invite you over to he place. Hold what youve got back for awhile and let her work for it.

All you need to do is go on one magnetic date perhaps full of sexual tension and THEN don’t call her for a few days or even up to a week. You can be sure she will be thinking about you.

If you really want to get a girlfriend online and want to turn it into a serious relationship you cannot afford to act like this to early. If you get all serious early on with this girl she is going to be very turned off by your early advances.

Dont go thinking you have to tell her you love her or even like her before you actually get to know her, or more importantly before she knows YOU.

Women need a period of getting to know you before they decide on your WORTHYNESS.

Ease up on the intenseness of wanting to be her girlfriend and give her some breathing space. If you are actually suited and worth her time she will let you know very soon.

You cannot force her to be attracted to you so calling her up and trying to convince her you are boyfriend material will quickly kill all chances of love in the future.

If you don’t put any pressure on the “lets gets together” vibe and act real around girls you will have a much better chance of getting a girlfriend.

Counter intuitive as it may seem to you now, coming across slightly indifferent about the situation and almost not impressed rather than asking for marriage early, will get you the best results.

Be Cool... if you have seen pulp fiction you will know what I am talking about here: Jules Winnifield (Samuel L. Jackson).

This guy is COOL. He sits back and takes in the situation before responding in a silly and childish way. You want to be like jules winnfield of pulp fiction when you are dating